Monday May 21st: The Eclipse and a tiny bit of Nagoya

Just to start off with, the last post I still hated writing about and I’m not particularly in a great mood for this, that and I’m feeling the pinch of time, having a few hours left today and tomorrow to hypothetically catch up. It’s not going to happen. Anyway, this is going to be a shorter than usual post, and if you want a way more awesome article about the eclipse that almost had my pictures in it, look no further than a friend’s article on astrobites. If you want pictures waaaaaay better than mine, head over to In Focus.

(Hey look, I found the “Read More” button!)

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Saturday May 19th and 20th: Awkwardness in Roppongi

Maybe it will be more entertaining to read about than for me to relive.

Okay, so… *sigh* This happened.

I ended up getting dragged out to Roppongi, a section I had no real interest in, but on the suggestion I wouldn’t need worry about the cost (oh, what a fool am I) I decided to go and observe a “never-wrong” retired Texan Marine and a real estate agent/would-be player from Singapore try their hand at acquiring temporary Japanese companionship (they were quite specific on the Japanese bit). I’m here at least partially to gain new experience, and observing such sounded pretty new to me, at least outside of scripted dramas. Continue reading