Post PAX Prime 2012

So that happened. Did my (thus far only just) annual volunteer gig. My feet have almost now recovered from said PAX.
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Okay, so, I’ve not accomplished much since I returned State side. Well, regarding this site anyway. I did go to a wedding, ended up taking pictures on a nicer camera, which I believe are online somewhere, but I don’t know where. Probably facebook?

I should probably get copies for myself. It would require all of, walking down the hall and asking for them.

Anyway, not including those wedding pictures, I have 12,019 files to go through, and that’s just photography. I have many things I would like to scan, and more articles to write. Not that I’m setting myself up for failure or anything. I just like looking at that extremely daunting number is all. Yeah. That’s it.

I’m hoping now that I’ve relaxed a bit, and did that whole crazy PAX week thing, that I might get down to “work.”

No promises, but next up is a zoo, so at least there will eventually be animals. Everyone likes pictures of animals. Hopefully those will be worth the wait.

Defeat Snatched from the Hands of Victory

Shock tests are not fun.

Today was a pretty successful day save for two missteps. I was walking the 5km back to the hostel, and investigating places along the way for painkillers ($0.30 per pill avg), a portable sewing kit as I had some things to fix and to worry about (still not located) and one of the world’s best single malt scotches.

Well, I found a liquor store with the best prices and selection I’ve seen. Not only did they have what I was after, but they even had “the best in the world” the Yamazaki 25 year single malt it was 98000 yen, or $1205.40. Yeaaaaaah I didn’t get that one.

I was bad, and got Nikka’s Miyagikyo 12 year, which is one of Japan’s best single malts under $1000 USD.

With about 1.5km to go (500m to the grocery store), and thankfully long after I transferred the scotch to my camera bag, I made my second (and only literal) misstep by slipping on uneven sidewalk. I twisted my back, tore the flesh and fabric of my left knee, and failed to fully protect my exposed camera.

I vividly remember the sound of the camera hitting lens first. The bottom of the kit lens’ hood impacted the pavement, and I saw something black fly outward from the point of impact.

It was just gravel. The lens appeared fine. The hood likely absorbed much of the impact, good old plastic.

Sadly my knee hit a raised corner of concrete and my black pants are now pretty much out of commission. When I arrived I had realized I had packed one fewer pair of pants than I had thought, I was worried I didn’t have enough. I discovered a small hole in my cargo pants’ knee, I wasn’t pleased. Now I’m really worried. Buying new pants in Japan would neither be easy nor cheap. I may not have much choice, but hey, easier than buying shoes!

Well, I’m going to clean up my knee, bandage it, get into my pajama pants, and gorge myself on food I got for 40% because it was getting late. I didn’t get the sashimi, but I also didn’t know it was 40% off. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Oh yes, and I know I’m behind on real updates. I still have most of yesterday’s pictures, and 700 from today. I was already thinking of taking tomorrow off from adventuring to catch up on things and relax, and after this injury, I think it’s really for the best.

I really wish I had remembered to fill up my painkiller bottle before I left. 3 Neproxin Sodium pills and about 5 Excedrin pills left. At least the camera bag has stopped bothering me as much.