Brief Real Time Update!

I finally worked through the last 5800 pictures, compressing and uploading 22% of them. Tomorrow I plan to get writing, since I have something like 8 articles I should write, ideally before I arrive in Korea and have to start writing about a different culture.

After visiting it yesterday, I was curious about the Kirkland brand cheese, mixed nuts, and chips available at a nearby supermarket. People told me that there is a Costco in Fukuoka. Turns out there is! Sadly there’s no way to get there without a car, or walking about 8.5km from the last train station and back. Guess I won’t get a chance to see the prices, and if they have something like the drink and a Polish sausage for 150 yen. Not that I took my Costco card with me.

I did break down and buy cheese. It’s cheaper than it is in Korea according to everyone who I’ve met just coming here briefly to renew their Korean visa. I paid about $12… well, after they removed the tax, $11 for it. I’m not entirely sure why they pulled off the tax at this market, it didn’t advertise as being a possible duty free, still, I’m not about to complain, especially since it doesn’t seem that they do much in the way of discounts come 9PM, much to my chagrin.

Still, sharp cheddar, and enough to keep me going for the next month. 2lbs (907 grams) for $12, or 100 grams for $8. Hmmm, let me think about that. Thankfully South Korea doesn’t really care about bringing food over as long as it is obviously not in a quantity meant for resale. This also means I’m going to scope out some zip bags/plastic wrap and a knife at a 100 yen store tomorrow because while I don’t trust a chef’s knife that only costs $1.25 for much of anything, it is being purchased basically as a disposable cheese utensil.