What is this?

“Where am I?” “What is this place?” Are these questions you find yourself wondering? How about “What does Elucido Via even mean?” Well obviously you aren’t familiar with “elucidate” or I’m just being a presumptive jerk, either way here are a few answers:

You are on the internet. The internet is a vast network of electronic computers with many build in redundancies to prevent it from… Oh? You already know this? Wikipedia steals all my thunder.

Specifically? Oh, okay.

You are currently at www.elucidovia.com which is a website. Websites or webpages are…

Really? Fine. Skipping ahead.

ElucidoVia.com is a site about a crazy person who lived on the cheap saving money for world wide travel and is finally going on that journey. Here you can follow him as he visits countries he is only vaguely familiar with and has virtually no familiarity with the languages he will encounter.

There will be news, pictures, maybe video?
Probably not video.

There may be other things on this site as well, but as it is pretty new, he has no idea what is going on.

Oh? You still want to know what elucido via means?

Elucido via is presumably a poor translation roughly meaning “To Light the Way,” in Latin. It was originally used as a username in reference to the author’s appreciation of science.


Despite the author’s concerns about it implying some sort of ethnocentrically privileged viewpoint wherein the author brings the light of knowledge and civilization to parts unknown, the actual intent behind the name is to suggest that other people, through kindness and linguistic circumscription, might “light the way” for the author’s travels through the world.


The author can be reached via messages or email at sean [at symbol thing] elucidovia.com or raptorii at the gmail.

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