Is This Thing Still On?


If you’re just finding this, I recommend starting the read in chronological order, skipping the bit about the kid’s show (from this link the “Older Posts” links means newer and vice versa, I’m sure there’s a way to fix it, but I’m lazy okay?). I’ve added notes to some of my embarrassing outbursts but I’m sure there’s more than enough unjustifiable shame that I’ll come across as a monster now and then. Remember, I’m just another entitled and privileged asshole.

Okay, yeah, I’ve utterly bungled the whole travel picture thing. It’s been nearly four years and I’ve still not processed half the pictures. Even still I have a trip to Vancouver BC in May, New Orleans coming up in late June, and then a return to Japan just before New Years. Continue reading

Post PAX Prime 2012

So that happened. Did my (thus far only just) annual volunteer gig. My feet have almost now recovered from said PAX.
(PAX main site and wiki)

Okay, so, I’ve not accomplished much since I returned State side. Well, regarding this site anyway. I did go to a wedding, ended up taking pictures on a nicer camera, which I believe are online somewhere, but I don’t know where. Probably facebook?

I should probably get copies for myself. It would require all of, walking down the hall and asking for them.

Anyway, not including those wedding pictures, I have 12,019 files to go through, and that’s just photography. I have many things I would like to scan, and more articles to write. Not that I’m setting myself up for failure or anything. I just like looking at that extremely daunting number is all. Yeah. That’s it.

I’m hoping now that I’ve relaxed a bit, and did that whole crazy PAX week thing, that I might get down to “work.”

No promises, but next up is a zoo, so at least there will eventually be animals. Everyone likes pictures of animals. Hopefully those will be worth the wait.

Mic Check

It’s now five days before I leave, I finally have the basics of a webpage up. Hopefully I’ll get a gallery dealie going too so that people will be able to see the pictures I take and then sit on for a month before I remember to edit and upload that night or the next morning.

Part of this will also be a test to see if I can re-learn some interweb super-highway construction… I haven’t run a website since about, oh, around 1999.

I’m sure the appearance of this page will change drastically, if only by playing with the themes of the software in an ignorant and lazy manner.

Ideally the travel will involve as little air travel as possible, and because it saved $500, I’m flying from Seattle to LAX before Tokyo, even though that is way more air travel than a direct flight. What can I say? Supply and demand.

Speaking of flights,Flight to LAX is at 10:40 UTC-7, and the flight to Narita is at 15:45 UTC-7. I’ll be landing at the local time of 19:15 UTC+9 [7:15PM 25/04/2012] or (02:15 UTC-7 [2:15 AM 04/25/2012 Pacific Daylight] for most people reading). I should arrive at the first place I’m staying, the Sakura-Hostel, hopefully about an hour (read: two hours) later.

For those who didn’t do the math, I’ll leave for the first airport at about 7:30 AM Pacific, and arrive at my hostel at about 3:30-4:00 AM Pacific. For those that still haven’t done the math, that’s about 20-21 hours door to door. At least I’m not flying to Australia?

Also, yes for the time being I’m going to use international day/month/year, 24 hour clocks, and UTC or UTC+-. Why? It will be easier for me to keep things straight in my head, maybe I’ll be nice and toss in translations like I did above.

Or I might totally change how it all works. WHO KNOWS!? I sure don’t.

Crap, I still need a new backpack.

Also I don’t have a picture thingy installed yet so enjoy these pictures on my dropbox. Can you say lazy? I know I just did.