Raptor Reviews

Right, I guess this is a thing I’m going to try doing, and also do poorly and irregularly because that’s how I do and chances are, if you are reading this, that comes as no surprise to you.

Mostly gonna be reviewing films but also sometimes TV and on rare occasions video games (which should probably be what I review most but hahahahaha). The reviews will be consist of irregular lengths because I don’t really care about consistency, no one’s paying me for this, it’s not for a portfolio, pretty much I’ll write what I feel I need to, and then stop. This is really just because at the moment I’m writing these in notepad++ and occasionally pasting them into Twitter or a 22 year-old forum, and well this is at least a platform I sort of own, insofar as my name is on it and I pay for it.

Because character count doesn’t matter here, I’m going to include the ratings legend with every post, unless I forget, but I’ll also try to use the text along with the star rating just to reduce ambiguity. The stars are just for visual shorthand, and it’s the coding I decided on to prevent option paralysis when rating things using the old, then functional, Netflix ratings.

Ratings Legend:
☆☆☆☆ = “I hate it.”
★☆☆☆ = “I dislike it.”
★★☆☆ = “It’s okay.”
★★★☆ = “I like it.”
★★★★ = “I love it.”

Yes, yes, there were five stars on that, but you couldn’t rate less than 1 which means there were still only five options, and why not set zero to be the lowest?

So, uh, yep.