2017: Year of the Games

2017 has been – a trying year. Let’s just leave it at that for here.

But it’s been amazing for video games, thus I’m backing 2017 as a contender as a
Year of the Games; it reminds me of just how solid 2007 was for film. Compounding the great games is a new way to enjoy a number of them by way of the Nintendo Switch, a system that merges portables and home consoles in one convenient optionally becontrollered (like bespectacled but with controllers) and dockable tablet.

Last week I set out to create a quick 20 or so list of great and notable-for-good-reasons games just to show how absurd it has been but it just kept going and now it’s a list that is 60 titles long, and that’s just for new releases. I also realized I should post it in some place less transient than my usual hangout, hence this post.

It is, I am sure, as yet an incomplete list and there are more titles worth note which happen to be altered releases of some sort. Thus in alphabetical order, and without much comment, I present:

An Incomplete List of Great and Good-Notable Games Newly Released in 2017 Continue reading