Is This Thing Still On?

If you’re just finding this, I recommend starting the read in chronological order, skipping the bit about the kid’s show (from this link the “Older Posts” links means newer and vice versa, I’m sure there’s a way to fix it, but I’m lazy okay?). I’ve added notes to some of my embarrassing outbursts but I’m sure there’s more than enough unjustifiable shame that I’ll come across as a monster now and then. Remember, I’m just another entitled and privileged asshole.

Okay, yeah, I’ve utterly bungled the whole travel picture thing. It’s been nearly four years and I’ve still not processed half the pictures. Even still I have a trip to Vancouver BC in May, New Orleans coming up in late June, and then a return to Japan just before New Years.

I would hope to have time for pictures in NOLA, but I’m sure over the three weeks in Japan I’ll have time. More pictures. It’s a debt that is ever increasing, I think I may just claim bankruptcy on what has come before. I should just spend a week going through it all in Lightroom, maybe in early June, but it’s not happened in four years so…

As for PAXes, my aged body is increasingly insulted by my treatment of it. East 2016 went shockingly smoothly even with my commute from Cambridge but… if I’m being honest, between the physical, monetary, and opportunity costs I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing PAX. I really do enjoy working with everyone via PAX and the Indie MEGABOOTH, but I am starting to wonder if I’m posting cheques, er, uh, debit charges, that my future may no longer be capable of clearing.

As of PAX West 2016 I will have put in a decade of work with the show. Next year will be my 10th anniversary wherein I’ll have been to 19 PAXes, officially worked 16 (unofficially 17); 11 local shows, 5 out of town, and 10 just with the Megabooth. That seems like a pretty good run to me.

Regarding my other personal work, progress on the three prototype games has been… let’s say underwhelming. My best one is still just a few pages of text (almost everything I write I erase) and very very rough test mechanics in a few different engines. Side note, C# really has changed quite a bit since 2004, go figure.

The damnedest thing though? I’ve actually started using Twitter, never thought I would say that. Sad fact is, that might be the better way to keep track of me, but… maybe… we’ll see.

Hey, at least this isn’t expensive to keep running, I think I’m spending a total of $15 a year on this. So how about that, an update that has nothing to do with a children’s show.