Anatomy of a Scene

I want you to imagine a scene in your mind. Allow me to set the stage.

Here are two people who have known each other for years. Together they have faced trials internal and external, supported one another through health and injury, depression and joy.

For a time they were apart, they tried to stay in contact, but it was difficult to know just what to say, it was never enough. A few years go by and they are finally reunited. There is a brief rough patch but in no time they pick up, and other than their personal growth, it is as though they had never been apart.

After a busy few months, including the loss of a loved one, while at a celebration for friends, looking into the distance, they make a decision together.

There is a lush green park, in the center of which lies an arch bathed in light.

We see the two of them now, they are side-by-side, looking towards the arch. There are many people gathered to either side and a banner waves overhead.

They begin to approach while accompanied by soft music. Nearing the arch, they briefly pause, look at one another, smile, and join their nearest hands together to finish their walk.

As they step into the arch, still hand-in-hand, they turn to face one another while joining their other two hands. Eyes meeting the other’s, they step into a new stage of their lives, embarking on a spiritual journey, together.

What kind of an event do you think this was?

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