Wednesday July 25th: Water Water Everywhere

And not a potable drop at the hostel to drink. By tea and coffee making facilities, they mean you can buy it from the cafe. No hot water, no cold water, no room temperature water. No water that is safe to drink.


I’m going to break my streak and actually review this place, because that’s simply unacceptable, and I can’t believe no one has called them on that yet. I mean I may have complained about the place in Taichung, but at least there was occasionally water.

At least I snagged the two bottles included with hotel room (you always get two included in the room price in Taiwan). Had I known, I would have filled up my 3.5 empties too. I still have the two left from the last hotel, and part of a 1.5L bottle filled giving me about 3.4 liters on hand. Which gives me a little over a day of water.

This doesn’t become apparent until after you pay, so of course I’m stuck.

Damn it.

Well, I need to get out there soon and get pictures, the clouds against the mountains are pretty, and the ocean isn’t far either. It’s a mostly clear day, which is good for pictures, but bad for internal heat regulation. At least I’m not Sebacean (again a reference almost no one gets).

The friends I made in Taipei recommended getting a scooter to drive along the coast rather than taking a bus, they only cost about $12 to rent for a day, which is about twice the cost of a bus, but I could stop anywhere I wanted to take pictures and such.

Interestingly, scooters kind of don’t require a driver’s license in Taiwan, it’s weird; however, Taiwan recognizes Washington State driver’s licenses for 30 days, so it doesn’t matter. Also thankfully unlike Korea, traffic is pretty sane. About the strangest bits of traffic are the scooters, which act more like fast pedestrians, including jaywalking, but they also yield and are polite, unlike Korea where it’s aggressive driving on the sidewalks.

Of course the sidewalks here are typically filled with scooters, so you can’t even walk on them, so everyone is used to pedestrians on the shoulder and are appropriately cautious.

I’ll probably go look for a place that will rent one for a fair price tomorrow, though apparently some won’t rent to people without a Taiwan license, which only people staying over 6 months can get

2 thoughts on “Wednesday July 25th: Water Water Everywhere

  1. What I thought was funny is that they do not accept states like South Carolina and Florida. I wonder why..
    Anyway i hope you get some great pictures!

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