Tuesday July 3rd: Quick Update from Seoul

So Seoul has been kind of a bust as far as my doing and seeing things. The weather hit me like a rock and kept me down, but unable to sleep. I’ve managed something like 3-4 hours a night which isn’t really conducive to full day adventures in 30/90ish degree weather with 50-60% humidity.

Going to try to get out today finally seeing something other than the few blocks around me, but I told myself that yesterday too.

I fly to Taipei at 11AM tomorrow.

Since Taiwan wants proof that you are leaving in under 30 days, I also purchased my ticket back to Seattle from Taipei so I can leave after circumnavigating the island. Oddly the flight has a layover is Seoul, but it was over $100 cheaper than had I taken the same flight directly from Seoul. Airfare makes no sense. So basically, even though the flight to Taiwan is ~$350, all things considered, really it’s $250.

The other funny thing is that I’m flying out of Taipei on July 31st, at 1:30 PM, and if the projections hold, landing in Seattle on July 31st, at 1:00 PM. So using local time, my travel time will be -30 minutes.

I think there might be a reason UTC exists.

Also, yes, originally I was going to fly out today. With my blah, the flight times, the lack of price differences, I decided to wait a day and have a jet engine or two be my symbolic firework. Aaand seats reserved. Hopefully I’ll luck out and get a nice afternoon look at Seattle.

At this point I have my doubts I’ll be caught up until I get home, but hopefully I’ll get writing again soon, which is to say, hopefully the use of AC is less stingy in Taiwan.

Sorry for the delay and disappointment.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday July 3rd: Quick Update from Seoul

  1. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Or both. It’s cool here (barely mid 70/22), whereas the rest of the USA is in triple digits 100-110/38-42! it’ll be nice weather by the time you return here on July 31.

    Norm always likes the flights back when he arrives SEA before he left, as you are likely to experience.

    No one is disappointed – just remember your experiences, and continue to take photos so you can share tall tales with us!

    Thanks for the time frame, BTW. It’ll take us some time to get your room habitable again! Too much storage stuff in there right now…

  2. Sean, you’re not doing this for anyone but yourself. Yes, we are excited to read your progress. Yes, we are excited to see the pictures and share them with our friends. But, ultimately, this is your great adventure that you get to have and you are under no obligations to write for anyone but yourself. It’s just been a great privilege to share in your wanderings and discovery in some small way. So, relax, take care of yourself!

    And Happy Fourth of July! ^_^

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