Tuesday July 17th: Shopping, I guess.

Well, my hands free earbuds totally died on me, so I guess I need to find replacements for those… not that the hands free part had worked for a very long time. It would be less irritating if it didn’t turn out that my headset’s detachable cable is also a major flaw as it is breaking again after just a tiny bit of use, and sadly a friend who months and months ago I recommended the headset to, has similar issues.

I need to file another ticket before my 1-year warranty lapses in as early as… September? At any rate it doesn’t help me out here. Maybe I’ll just send them back when I stop home in August. I really like them, if not for that cable issue they would be fantastic.

So as for the ear buds, prices on Amazon for hands free put it around $15 USD, excluding ones that are 40 cents and likely trash. Everyone loves when the plug has so little metal it doesn’t actually make contact, right? Anyway, so that means if I can find a decent hands free for under $500 TWD I’ll probably get one, otherwise, I’ll get cheaper earbuds that have no mic for the time being. Hell, having redundancy probably isn’t a bad plan anyway.