10 thoughts on “Pandas!

  1. Happy birthday my (seperated by 3 days) birthday twin. I love you and miss you! I dont think I need to tell you who this is. If you get a chance can you send a post card to mom and dad in my name?

    • If I run into any post cards. Guess I could have grabbed a boring one from the hotel, but I didn’t think about it. Haven’t seen many around Taiwan, hell, I didn’t see many in Korea, and then they were usually in packs. Japan had lots though.

      Kind of weird.

  2. Yay! Pandas! I’m gonna post that to my FB page with a link back here.

    BTW, Norm, Chris, Karin Watanabe, Nicole, a foster parent Kim, and Rachels’ friend Blake, Rachel, Chelsa, your grandma, etc., have all wished you a happy birthday, either on on my FB, on the phone or in person, or some combination. Now that it is today here (meaning the 13th), more will probably be heading here.

    Have fun with all the science-y stuff to see!

  3. Squee! Of course they’re lazy and sleeping, they’re just like me ^_^ Yay pan-pans!

  4. Malissa Jensen Carmack Happy Birthday Sean!!!
    22 hours ago ·
    Evelyn Willoughby Happy Birthday Sean!! I guess you will be around pretty soon.
    21 hours ago ·
    Evelyn Willoughby good
    21 hours ago ·
    Terry Willoughby Happy Birthday wishes to you! Great picture.
    12 hours ago ·

    Comments from Facebook when Dad posted your Panda pic. :-)

  5. Another comment

    Diane Thomas Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have lots of stories saved up to tell at the wedding. Have a safe trip home…
    3 hours ago ·

  6. Umm and these too from the 12th and 13th…

    Nicole Webb Happy birthday Sean (today where you are, tomorrow here).
    Thursday at 8:23pm ·
    Chris Pedersen Happy Birthday!!! BRO
    Yesterday at 2:03am · Like

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