Monday July 16th: Where in I try to kill my self and make messes. Also a birthday.

As I was leaving my hostel in Taichung, (which should really be Taijung but the transliteration is very irregular here) I managed to lose my footing on the short steps to the tiny lobby “common room,” and partially tumbled as much as my luggage would allow me. Falling caused me to bump a 1.5L water bottle off the stairs, which exploded on the ground, mess number one.

Thankfully I ended up mostly uninjured but I have another small hole in my cargo pants, a bit of blue paint on them, a small dent in my laptop’s case, and the end cap of the wireless mouse’s USB dealie came off as I guess it got mushed, but it’s just the plastic tip, so whatever.

Later on in Tainan mess number two occurred as I was getting dinner. After the hot sauce was rudely taken off my table, as I was sitting down, by another customer, I went over to get some from an empty table, only to drop it and spill it on nearly everything. Of course as I bent over to try to start cleaning, I dropped my phone into it. Thankfully phones and hot sauce don’t mix, so it was fine. Still managed to cover my left shoe and some of my left pant leg.

At least there’s laundry at this hostel.

Also happy birthday my 3 days later fake twin Katie!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes in regards to my own birthday. Even Steam decided to run their summer sale during my birthday, so… in addition to the travel, it is turning out to be an extended, expensive birthday.

“Thanks” Valve. “Thanks.”

I’m actually being comparatively restrained on my purchases, but it’s still more money than I should be spending on non-travel related things.

2 thoughts on “Monday July 16th: Where in I try to kill my self and make messes. Also a birthday.

    • A little, I guess. It was mostly the altered center of gravity due to my duffel bag and the stairs being half-width (what I meant by short).

      Makes it difficult to keep balance, and I would practice walking backwards up inclined barriers thin enough to be balance beams while waiting for the bus… though I never had a 35lb duffel bag when doing that.

      Thankfully I seem to be pretty much all healed up, it was no where near as bad as when I tripped in Kyoto, though I feel bad about the minor damage to the laptop… still, I got a metal one for a reason… and that’s the reason. Small dents are better than shattered plastic.

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