July 20th: An historic day now marred with tragedy.

For all the jokes I made about punishing those who would spoil the new Batman movie for me… I… who could have foreseen the tragedy that now shares the same day as one of the greatest feats humanity has achieved? I retrospectively apologize.

Shortly after I arrived at the hostel today, I heard the news of the massacre at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora Colorado. An interesting aspect of the internet is that you can now see live local coverage of tragedies while you are nearly half way across the world. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I would have preferred to have been left in the dark.

Glad I had found alcohol just prior to this occurring. Seriously depressing stuff.

3 thoughts on “July 20th: An historic day now marred with tragedy.

  1. Yes, an incredibly tragic event. Colorado, again.Yes, it is amazing how technology has allowed the near instantaneous sharing of horrible events.

    On the plus side, Annie and Adam’s wedding in the park should be a very joyous event.

    We are making some progress at the other house, as well as here, and look forward to your return. Mom got your room cleared out so that there is a bed for you to sleep in, and actual floor again! IDK if you remember how crowded it was when you left it with your stuff stored in there – crowded! Much less so, now.

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