Happy Birthday Mom! (And the rest of July I missed)

Let’s just do the list (in chronological order) off the top of my head:

Parent’s anniversary, United States, Sage, Makenzie, Dya, Grandma, √úberBeth, Jen, and mom.

If I missed you, I’m sorry. Leave a note, and I’ll totally add you to the list and pretend to flagellate myself while enjoying my day.

Didn’t make it to the gorge nor on a scooter due to a pretty nasty headache and bout of vertigo.

Had it not been for the fact that I hadn’t had anything alcohol in days, I would have suspected a hangover or something. As it is, I think it was mild dehydration combined with low blood sugar. With the help of some German anti-nausea tablets I was able to actually get outside by 3PM, which was far too late to get to the gorge as it with needing to get a scooter still, it would be about 2 hours away, giving me just over an hour before light started fading.

Instead I got a $1 24oz Tropical Fruit Slurpee, ’cause that was cold, tasty and sugary. Then I walked to the mountains, got food, walked to the beach, got more food, and then got two bubble teas. Granted eating was separated by about 4 hours, but still.

Prepping for my last bout of adventuring, I have two things I want to do today, one of which I should have done yesterday as I hadn’t thought about the fact that today is Monday and things are often closed on Monday. We’ll see though. The other thing will be fine. Going to ride the cable car onto the Southern mountains and get some sunset and night photography of Taipei.

Hopefully that will work, not 100% on what the view will be, but worst case, I go and have some fancy tea on top of a mountain.

Not going to take a taxi all the way to the airport tomorrow, just to the bus stop, because to hell with walking another kilometer with my luggage while I’m on a time crunch. The bus leaves at 10:13 AM, and I should get to the airport at 11:30 AM, which should be plenty of time for me to semi-causally hobble my way to the terminal and get checked in.

The flight to Incheon, the primary international airport on the Western outskirts of Seoul, leaves at 1:30 PM (UTC+8), the flight is about 2.5 hours. If it is like the flight to Taipei (same airline) there will be a meal on it, which was unexpected the first time, but will be a nice addition to my day. It will land at about 5:00PM (UTC+9), then there’s a 1.5 hour layover. My flight to Seattle departs at 6:40 PM (UTC+9). Then about 10.5 hours later I land in Seattle at 1:00 PM (UTC-7), 30 minutes prior to my Taipei departure.

Timezones are funny like that. It’s almost like time travel.

EXCEPT THAT IT IS. Just not as dramatically. I’ll only be gaining another few microseconds due to relativity which I’m sure the greater exposure to radiation will more than cancel out. Alas.

I get to see The Dark Knight Rises at the Seattle Center Boeing IMAX Theater on August 2nd at 7:30 PM, which I’m fairly excited about… and also the not having to pack and effectively move again until PAX is also really exciting. I promise I’ll get pictures and write ups done in August, and hopefully even get started on cleaning up some of the photos for a “Best Of” collection.

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