Arrival in Taipei or “It’s really hot and humid outside.”

Had to adjust my clocks, as I’m now UTC+8 instead of +9. Almost missed my flight by initially getting on the wrong train (right track though). Thankfully the airline staff was really, really, helpful.

I did forget to move the knife out of my food bag and into my checked bag though, so lost that. Still, I purchased a cheap one for pretty much that reason. I’m only sad because it turned out to be a pretty decent knife, often better than what the hostel had to offer, even if smaller.

Also I got frisked, (before that happened). Not sure why, but I was in such a hurry I didn’t really give a damn. Besides, I’m sure being drenched in sweat made it unpleasant for the guy. Turns out trying to hurry with 60lbs of crap for over two kilometers in 80F weather is… well I’m not in shape. That much has really become apparent to me during this trip.

Not looking forward to walking another 1km in 90+F (65% humidity!) weather in Taipei, I was approached for a taxi and thought, “Eh, what the hell.” $40, but it’s an hour long trip from the international airport to downtown Taipei. So, I didn’t think it was unreasonable. More than most of Korea (though taxis in Seoul were about that price).

My hostel is about 1.5km from Taipei 101, so that’s neat.

Also a preview from my last night in Seoul. I liked it enough to clean up the dead pixels and the weird line that occurs on high ISOs.

This hostel has AC going constantly. So hopefully that will alleviate some of the issues revolving around it being too friggin’ hot.

I meant to write a joke about that, and how only about three people here are familiar with Paul & Storm, in my last post… but it was too friggin’ hot. So hot I managed to burn (or cut?) a bit of flesh on my left thumb’s pad, just a few millimeters below the nail. Don’t remember doing it, but as I switched trains I noticed it hurt.

10 thoughts on “Arrival in Taipei or “It’s really hot and humid outside.”

    • Heh, the host name is Server admin who got that done? I salute you.

      Not seen any cats yet but some of the dogs look like they would be up for it.

    • Just was busy working on the backlog and hanging out with people. Now in Taichung, and the hostel does have spotty internet. Keeps going down, which isn’t ideal. Hopefully I can send this before it drops again.

  1. BTW, ****H*A*P*P*Y**** ****B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y**** Sean!!!! It’s almost 11am July 13th there! It’s also Friday the 13th, just like when you were born! Hope you get to enjoy yourself in some special way! We are all thinking of you!


    • Going to visit the science and probably art museums here in Taichung. The art museum is free, though they close at 5PM, so I should probably head on out.

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