Wednesday June Sixth Photoset: Haeundae Beach Busan

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday June Sixth Photoset: Haeundae Beach Busan

  1. Wow, things kind of have a… grungy feel in this set. Oh and Lotte has an amusement park.

    • The beach area and the area around the main subway stop was quite nice, however you get beyond that and people have their fishing and whatnot, but yes, compared to most cities in Japan, Busan… hell Korea is a bit grungy. I went quite a bit past the beach trying to get to a temple, but was stopped by a motor vehicle only road with just 2.5km to go.

      I would also point out that grungy things are a bit easier to take interesting pictures of with my setup, getting beautiful cityscape shots requires the weather to cooperate, and for me to have a good vantage point. Taking pictures of a cup with waste in it requires almost no effort.

      Oh, those plastic palm trees? They light up at night. Sadly I never got a picture of them, saw them on the bus the next day but went by too fast. They actually look kind of neat.

      • I imagine the palms would look fun at night, they sort of remind me of the ones in Kent. Big metal things.

        It *is* also an overcast day, I thought about that later. So everything will probably be a bit on the dull side. But still, very neat.

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