Sunday June 10th Photoset: Yeosu International Expo 2012

Dropbox version.

4 thoughts on “Sunday June 10th Photoset: Yeosu International Expo 2012

    • It would probably take 2-3 days to see everything, but I saw pretty much everything I cared to. If only the food there hadn’t been so crazy expensive, I could have had two meals from different cultures… instead I went to a convenience store, got some okay sushi and beer for $2 less than a single meh beer at a pavilion.

      I was really amused when I realized that the Dunkin’ Donuts was right next to the USA Pavilion, which the second film in the pavilion was… very overwrought in the sense of inducing fear, bombastic, and then sentimental. Seemed fitting. I just wish there had been something else other than the two videos and a store. Japan at least had something, and a much more interesting theme, but yeah. I swear, I’ll write about it some day.

    • The “levitating” guys… I don’t know the story, but I went back later to get a picture of the mount used on the post for their rigid support frame.

      The international/world expo’s theme is the Living Oceans and Coasts or some such.

      I swear, I’ll write about it at some point. I swear I’ll catch up. I just well, it’s 34C in my room at 1:22 AM. Not the most conducive conditions for making with word thoughts.

      Also, does it not let you edit comments? Oh. Right, probably need an account to do that. Huh. Hadn’t thought about that.

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