Thursday June 14th: A Bit More Daegu, A Bit Less Costco

I swear I’m working on old posts and processing pictures. I even have two new sets up on Dropbox…

So Costco needs info from the card I didn’t bring to issue a temporary. Well, unless it is normal for people to just know their membership ID number and expiration dates off the top of their heads.

Anyway their food court looks to have the exact same selection but I couldn’t see the prices to compare. I walked back to the hostel taking some pictures along the way, noticed there is now a black spot that appears when there is less light hitting the CMOS, such as high f stops and just non-day light. It is a gradient of appearance, but with the self correction stuff and enough light it isn’t noticeable. Still that is kind of upsetting. Yay! Crap in the camera bits normally safe from crap.

Oh, and the person at the hostel never gave me the door code. It’s 7PM and no one is here. Hopefully they won’t all be out until 1AM again… that would be… less than ideal.


— Someone came by. Turns out someone was here, but quite asleep. I now have the door code.

24 hours and no issues with the internet yet. This is a record.

Daegu: New Hostel

While it isn’t amazingly fast, the connection here seems to function thus far, but things were looking pretty good in Suncheon. I don’t want to get my hopes up quite yet, as tomorrow, it may decide that it doesn’t like my hardware anymore.

Still, we’ll see how much use out of it I can manage.

Daegu: Day Two

Well, off to the hostel. Maybe I’ll be really lucky and the internet will just work. I’d really like to get some stuff done on the site, but I’ve been so discouraged I’ve even fallen behind on sorting pictures.

Granted it doesn’t help that keeping copies of them on the SD cards until I have a confirmed backup means I’m basically out of space on them… so I can’t really take many new ones.

What an utter disappointment this hotel was.

Chelsa, seriously, you had better watch Amélie, it’s easy to find, as it is bright green.

Daegu Day One: A Big Mistake

So, I’m now in Daegu. And after being frustrated with the inability to keep a connection or in Busan, connect to my own website, I figured I’d go to a hotel for a night to backup data and and maybe get one post in.

Using the same website I used in Japan, I found a place that looked similar to the place (the b) I stayed in Nagoya, except that it also has wireless available in rooms, so I wouldn’t have to go to the lobby to use my phone.

Except it lied. There’s no wired access here, or at least not in my room, and hell, on my floor, there’s no wireless AP so I get 1 bar on my laptop in my room. Crawling at about 1kb/s. Kind of unacceptable.

I’m sitting out near the elevator where I can see the wireless signal much better, but I’m pretty pissed off right about now. Half way contemplating using the outlet out here, and then making a blanket fort declaring this space to be mine.

Korea, why does the internet suck here? You’re like crazy high on the charts according to the CIA fact book (See bottom of Communications), yet somehow, unless you’re on a local 4G phone or at a PC Gaming cafe the internet seems to be troubled. I’m not asking for access like in Sweden, but you know, something a bit less constantly frustrating for your tourists would be great.


South Korea

I would have posted earlier but I only just got this page to load. The internet at least at this hostel is about as bad as when I was back in Tokyo. Wish connections were reviewed.

Otherwise the hostel is quite nice. Just wish I could get webpages to load within three attempts.

We’ll see if this even posts.

Huh, well what do you know, my phone works better.