Thursday June 14th: A Bit More Daegu, A Bit Less Costco

I swear I’m working on old posts and processing pictures. I even have two new sets up on Dropbox…

So Costco needs info from the card I didn’t bring to issue a temporary. Well, unless it is normal for people to just know their membership ID number and expiration dates off the top of their heads.

Anyway their food court looks to have the exact same selection but I couldn’t see the prices to compare. I walked back to the hostel taking some pictures along the way, noticed there is now a black spot that appears when there is less light hitting the CMOS, such as high f stops and just non-day light. It is a gradient of appearance, but with the self correction stuff and enough light it isn’t noticeable. Still that is kind of upsetting. Yay! Crap in the camera bits normally safe from crap.

Oh, and the person at the hostel never gave me the door code. It’s 7PM and no one is here. Hopefully they won’t all be out until 1AM again… that would be… less than ideal.


— Someone came by. Turns out someone was here, but quite asleep. I now have the door code.

24 hours and no issues with the internet yet. This is a record.