June 16th through the 19th Photoset: Daegu Failed Costco Walk Part 2 also Parks


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June 12th through the 14th Photoset: Travel, Daegu, and Failed Costco Trip One


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Sunday June 10th Photoset: Yeosu International Expo 2012


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Saturday June 23rd: Seoul and Books

I successfully made it to Seoul. I paid about twice what I would for a bus, plus the intercity bus, and then a bus, and a subway to get to Seoul, or about what I would have for the KTX train, but, this way I got a ride in a pretty nice car from one of the people at the last hostel I was loathe to leave. Door to door for 40,000 Won and a bit of help with my luggage. Not bad. Continue reading

May 24th and 25th: Hiroshima

This is a long one folks.

From Osaka station, it took about two and a half hours to get to my hostel in Hiroshima. It would have been a little shorter, but for my unfamiliarity with where things are and the strange pace I take on when carrying my luggage.

After finding my way out of the Hiroshima station, I found myself with two options, I could grab a local train and then get on a streetcar, or just get on a streetcar and ride for an extra 10 minutes. I opted for simplicity in a new place rather than saving a small amount of time. Also there was a guy with a Care Bear bag (thanks phone!). Maybe it was just cheap, but I like to think it is some weird cross cultural hipster thing. Continue reading

May 23rd and 24th: Osaka Around Shin-imamiya/Shinsekai

Funny story. I ended up staying in the “shady” part of Osaka. Hell, one of the worst parts in Japan, I guess. I didn’t know ahead of time, the reviews for the place I stayed were reasonable, and there was a zoo and a tower within walking distance, and it was only a few stops away from Universal Studios, couldn’t be too bad, right? Continue reading

Sunday May 17th: Father’s Day

Hopefully I’ll finish writing Osaka in the morning, it’s about half way done, but I’ve been distracted, also frustrated, but not with the article, that was going fine, I just need to get back to it.

Still, before I did anything else, I wanted to make sure I said “Happy Father’s Day!” It’s the 17th in both locations, so the time seems right.

Wednesday May 23rd: Nagoya Central Park

The morning after Nara, I had a bit of time before I could go to the hostel-hotel thing I was staying at in Osaka, as such I decided to wonder around Nagoya in the daylight for once.

After checking out of the hotel, I then left my bags with the front desk. That was a nice change. One I would repeat in Osaka and Hiroshima as well, which made sense to me, as I had such a limited time in each location that to waste those hours between check out and check in time would have been quite foolish. Continue reading