I decided, what the hell? I’ll get to the write ups later. I’m still part way through the Yoichi write up, but… eh, already have these pictures uploaded, might as well show them.

Besides with the length of the posts, they would likely get burred if they all went up in a day. I should probably do some tests to see if I can make articles abbreviate like the galleries. Eh. Tomorrow.

So as it turns out (or had I done any reading ahead) Osaka is… huge. One day hardly gives it any justice. I was originally thinking of spending closer to a week here, but… well, obviously I did that stint up North and nearly two weeks total in Tokyo. Alas.

We’ll see if I can manage a few more pictures this morning and on my way to Hiroshima.

More pictures. Like I don’t already have 3000 to go through. YAY!

Eclipse Success – “I looked at the trap Ray.”

Clouds cleared up by 7 for the most part which ended up giving some of the pictures a bit of texture.

Ran into a Russian physicist who was here for a conference, but has yet to go. He brought a telescope over from China which is where he has been for the last, I think he said almost 9 months.

Worked out well, but I need to check out of the hostel now, hopefully updates later tonight while everyone is asleep back home.