Friday May 18th’s Photo Set: Hakodate Morning and Train

Dropbox version.

5 thoughts on “Friday May 18th’s Photo Set: Hakodate Morning and Train

  1. Thanks for getting the photos up! So much to see and do, for you! What an adventure, and you’ll have an amazing array of photo memories! Thanks again for sharing!

    • I think you are confusing atmospheric haze for smog. Air isn’t completely transparent, and so over long distance, light is scattered, plus you add a bunch of water into that and it happens even more. The two are related, but this wasn’t dense. I’m just not sure there’s the density of cars to create actual smog in most of Japan.

      I guess what I’m saying is, Japan is quite humid. If it isn’t clouds and fog preventing you from seeing far, it’s the humidity.

      Also a few of those shots were through glass and I didn’t use Photoshop to minimize the effect.

      Anyway unless I was using lots of zoom, it looked and tasted clear to me.

      • Yes, that makes much more sense, especially since it didn’t seem ‘dirty’ just…much more opaque than expected. Hence the ‘??’.

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