The Tax On America

EDIT: Hahahahaha. Okay, so I later discovered that while common practice, prices don’t actually have to include taxes, and pretty much the only time they aren’t listed is on lists/menus written in Japanese… but even then not always. Hilarious misunderstanding.


Or, the tax on not being Japanese.

For starters let’s go to a different topic though.

Okay, let’s say you know you need cash for something you’re doing, yet opening your wallet only produces a few dollars and a cartoon fly or three.

Cartoon fly?

Bare with me. So what do you do? Go to your credit union and get 50 $2 bills, right?

Okay, maybe that’s just what I’ve always wanted to do. Alright, you go to an ATM that is friendly and doesn’t charge extra. Put in your card, punch in the PIN, toss in the amount and… wait. What? Did that say minimum increment is $100? Wait, the smallest bill is a $100?!

That was the ATM I visited last night. I almost drew out 70,000 yen before I blinked and was thinking that was one zero too many. On the bright side, anyone will break 10,000 bills.

Now about that tax. Last night I was a little less adventurous and decided to get sushi. Conveniently they had an English menu, though kind it seemed kind of silly, as even the Japanese was all pictures and prices (pretty common as most have images or models of their dishes with the prices listed out front).

Turns out the big difference (other than that I could read the hand/cut roll section), was the price of items. For nearly everything (except the hand/cut rolls) there was a 4% increase in price. So yes, won’t be returning there.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was quite tasty (the eel was so creamy and the tea was either matcha or half way there), but I’d rather a place that doesn’t change their prices based on the customer, no matter how good the food is or how polite the staff is.