Rain and Choices

I was supposed to head off for more Tokyo exploration today with a roommate, however he decided that he would go back to Kyoto one last time before his JapanRail pass ran out. So, I was deciding to actually catch up on some internets (yesterday though low key was mostly working on the updates and just hanging out in Asakusa) and it started pouring down rain. I’ll have a few pictures of that later.

Still trying to decided where to go, as I imagine we’ll still hit the locations tomorrow, so I don’t want to really do that twice in a row. I was looking into the Tokyo Tower, which is like the Eiffel Tower, but 8 meters taller, more modern (1958), red, and probably about as expensive to go up. From what I can tell, going up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Center North tower was a much better choice, it’s free, goes much higher, and supposedly has a better view, not that I had a great view due to weather, but ehhh, no real complaints on my part.

I still wouldn’t mind going near the tower in Minato (I guess it means port, which makes sense as it’s the port area), but in this rain I’m not sure I really want to be aiming the camera up if I can avoid it, I’m already wiping the lens (or at least the UV filter) enough.

Ginza is another place that sounds interesting at least socially, it may not be on the cutting edge of fashion, but it’s the place to be for expensive native and imported fashion. I’d likely be horribly under dressed in the suit I brought. Even had I my three-piece, it would likely be a bit of a fashion faux-pas.

Tokyo is so vast and every city and even many districts are so different from one another. It’s difficult to just pick a place, especially as I look at a map and see three others within walking distance that are interesting, but in different directions. Information and choice overload, and that’s ignoring the rest of the entire country.

I’ve still yet to visit the National Astronomical Observatory. Though it’s getting a bit late considering the walk I would have to take from the subway. Perhaps Wednesday.

Too much to see and experience. I think I won’t see Ginza today, already dressed in something not really fancy. Not really wanting to do this over again. I just need to pick a location and get on the appropriate subway.

Choices. Why aren’t you easier?

Minato it is.

4 thoughts on “Rain and Choices

  1. Glad that you have to make the choices, rather than, “Meh, it’s all kinda the same, doesn’t really matter.” I bet the views from any of the towers would be pretty cool. Can’t wait to see what you report from them.

    No playing the “Ugly American” for you, eh? I need to get some plaid shorts and a striped t-shirt before I go… 😉

    The Nikon D-80 is not well sealed against rainfall; it is not a prosumer like the D-300, which is sealed with some o-rings. So that is a smart move not getting your camera that wet. It has been surprising that the weather has been pretty similar on a day-to-day basis. Today was some heavy rain here, with wind, and a brief lightning storm, with lights flickering a bit.

      • Ha! That’s awesome! Also, Mom says hi and asks “Ogenkideska (how are you)?” I said, you’re making regular updates and haven’t starved to death so you’re probably fine, lol.

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