And Away We Go

Just because.
Hope I’m not forgetting anything important!

09:35 UTC-7: Arrived at my gate at Seatac. Had to ride the train and everything.

I still like how Seatac’s Security Theater is failry reasonable. Made it through TSA in about 10 minutes. Line included. No groping, no “perfectly safe for anyone” insanely dangerous focused X-ray scan. Nope, just a metal detector and the normal stupid item seperation and shoes thing.

Not looking forward to the hour long line for the one open lane and then maybe unwanted touching. Oh, LAX. I save $500, but you still make me pay.

I think for my next update, I’ll try it from my Kindle. It should work. Not well, but I’d be updating a webpage from a book.

13:13 UTC-7:
Just landed at LAX, more clouds than I would have liked over much of the flight. WordPress Dash fails to load on the Kindle, too much of something. Will need to see if there’s a simple editor plugin for WordPress, it’s just too tempting of a plan.

Still on Schedule

Ah. There’s the panic. It started later than I had expected, having scheduled it to begin yesterday, however it is setting in now.

On the bright side, the winds are changing and my flight to Tokyo is now expected to arrive about 30 minutes earlier.

I forgot to buy hiking shoes.

Touching the Moon

About 18 hours until I leave for the airport, so just a quick update.

Saturday was interesting. Saw Metropolis with a live orchestra, checked out some of the Seattle Center’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, and I touched a fragment of the moon taken during the Apollo 17 mission.

Lazy Dropbox Gallery. This will likely update during the day as I take breaks in last minute packing.

Now, if you’re happen to be wondering about the image name “Highly Reflective Surface’s Linear Boundary,” that is a not entirely oblique reference to “Mirror’s Edge“. Though tragically short, it is a favorite of mine. If that trailer seemed vaguely familiar, it’s quite possible you were actually introduced to Mirror’s Edge via last summer’s Spider-Man teaser. Hilarious.

Here’s a fun Jeopardy style brain teaser:

A late 2000s first-person video game put the player into the shoes of a female protagonist in a stark and semi-stylized world with an emphasis on environmental puzzles instead of combat. The literary themes include safety, surveillance, corruption, resistance, and tenacity. After completing the game, a song entitled “Still Alive” plays.

Click forward for the answer. Continue reading

Mic Check

It’s now five days before I leave, I finally have the basics of a webpage up. Hopefully I’ll get a gallery dealie going too so that people will be able to see the pictures I take and then sit on for a month before I remember to edit and upload that night or the next morning.

Part of this will also be a test to see if I can re-learn some interweb super-highway construction… I haven’t run a website since about, oh, around 1999.

I’m sure the appearance of this page will change drastically, if only by playing with the themes of the software in an ignorant and lazy manner.

Ideally the travel will involve as little air travel as possible, and because it saved $500, I’m flying from Seattle to LAX before Tokyo, even though that is way more air travel than a direct flight. What can I say? Supply and demand.

Speaking of flights,Flight to LAX is at 10:40 UTC-7, and the flight to Narita is at 15:45 UTC-7. I’ll be landing at the local time of 19:15 UTC+9 [7:15PM 25/04/2012] or (02:15 UTC-7 [2:15 AM 04/25/2012 Pacific Daylight] for most people reading). I should arrive at the first place I’m staying, the Sakura-Hostel, hopefully about an hour (read: two hours) later.

For those who didn’t do the math, I’ll leave for the first airport at about 7:30 AM Pacific, and arrive at my hostel at about 3:30-4:00 AM Pacific. For those that still haven’t done the math, that’s about 20-21 hours door to door. At least I’m not flying to Australia?

Also, yes for the time being I’m going to use international day/month/year, 24 hour clocks, and UTC or UTC+-. Why? It will be easier for me to keep things straight in my head, maybe I’ll be nice and toss in translations like I did above.

Or I might totally change how it all works. WHO KNOWS!? I sure don’t.

Crap, I still need a new backpack.

Also I don’t have a picture thingy installed yet so enjoy these pictures on my dropbox. Can you say lazy? I know I just did.