Japan: First Night and Day in Photos

I hope this isn’t heart breaking, but I’m not going to be taking the extreme care I have with previous shoots, there are nearly 600 pictures to go through, and I do kind of want to do things today other than sort pictures.

If I find the time later, I’ll correct for photon artifacts (random bright red/green/blue/white pixels) and make it so some aren’t crooked. For the moment, I just want to get them up. Many will be good as is, some will be just okay but work for framing the scene or give an idea of the local while being boring or flat.

First Night in Japan (Asakusa)

Near and in the Sensoji Temple

Taito-Asakusa’s Waterfront (Heading towards Sumida)

Sumida (and one dog in Taito as I was almost back)

4 thoughts on “Japan: First Night and Day in Photos

  1. Love the pictures. They bring back so many memories- especially the Asakusa temple! Love the pictures of the lanterns at night. Enjoying experiencing the walks through your eyes ^_^ Looks like you’re having fun!

    • I am having fun. Though I’m having a more restful day today. It is kind of nice about having over a month, as I don’t feel too guilty letting myself recover every now and then.

      Time to update the website, reply to things, and give my feet, shoulders, and back a bit of time to heal after the abuse.

      I’ve also been hanging out with a roommate today (and one who was leaving today) which is nice, as other than yesterday with Aiko, it’s been pretty quiet during the day as I wonder around by myself. Usually I don’t mind, but having someone to talk with can be nice now and then.

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