Changing Plans

I always said I was winging this thing, and the more I look at it, the more it seems Taiwan will take the place of Vietnam in this leg of the adventure. For starters, its actually between South Korea and Vietnam, so that’s kind of important.

I can take the jet ferry (seriously) to South Korea, but I’d have to go China to continue with the ferry all the way to Taiwan. As such it looks like I’ll be flying more. I guess Vietnam can wait until after PAX when I can actually take the time to get all of that trip planned to reduce tension with the government. So very paranoid.

Come on people, I’m just trying to travel around the world without any real plans, time frames, or political agenda… well beyond the idea that I think for the most part people want to be helpful, even if communication is difficult. I’m not sure that’s dangerous ideology. But then again… who knows?

Now to go find an ATM that takes foreign cards, maybe grab a Suica pass, see if I can’t schedule a visit to the Ghibli Museum, and wonder around in the other direction, seeing more of Taito-ku, you know, the city I’m actually staying in.

6 thoughts on “Changing Plans

  1. Wow, the Beetle ferry looks amazing over the water. And I had no idea Japan was that close to the peninsula! That explains my mother’s shirt from the ’70’s from Korea. I was so very confused >_>

  2. It isn’t surprising that you may be changing your plans… but you knew that going in. And any travel that isn’t in a group, or one without an agenda and “normal” places to stay (hotels or condos) may draw attention. Here, they do draw attention, so it would not be surprising at all.

    BTW, it isn’t terribly unusual to pay a “foreigner” tax in many places – if they don’t flat-out try to rob you blind by charging for more than they would a local. Just part of the entire game!

    Hey, it was Friday for you already – what happened to pizza Friday? Oh, right, that’s just me.

    Getting the “Avatar” box set out to 404 on Saturday, so S can get it back to who it belongs to.

    • I always said I was trying to do this travel as fast and loose as possible regarding planning, so I guess I can’t really say I’m all that shocked either.

      The foreign tax will just keep me going to more off the beaten path places like I did the night before, where I’m more a novelty rather than a regular issue. It might be more difficult ordering, but it’s also more adventurous, and that’s kind of the point.

      I actually did see a place that had some sort of pizza called Miami Garden, but you know, I really wanted sushi. Had I been thinking, I suppose I could have had one with melted cheese on top.

      Good to know the DVDs will find their way home. Thanks to you and Sesame… also the owner for being patient!

    • Also, you will be happy to know, I finally figured out auto bracketing on the D80. It wasn’t that it can’t do it without a firmware hack, it was that it can’t do more than 3 pictures with auto-bracketing. 600 pictures on full manual (auto was not doing well in the bright overcast), it’s nice to know for the ones I will want multiple exposure attempts on I can just do that.

      Granted, after 600 pictures in rapid succession, I finally have a much better feeling for what demands what settings. Yay!

      • LOL, forcing you to learn how to do more than “point and shoot!” It is a very flexible camera, one that is far more forgiving than mine, as the D-80 does have multiple pre-programmed options that help you in a lot of circumstances. Glad that you have the experience now to understand how and when to bracket shots. I’m proud of you!

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