Arrival/Good Morning Seattle

Well, I’ve arrived, commented a few times using a book instead of a computer, and it looks like the wifi may just be giving me a tiny break.

The people at the front were nice and understing

Got things semi-organized and stowable, made the bed, found the kitchen, etc.

It’s now midnight in Japan and with the weird almost sleep I had on the monsterous A380 my body isn’t really sure what time it is but could sleep right now given the chance.

So the A380? From the inside it looks like each wing is actually 3 wings welded together with two engines the size of small Cessnas (though far more massive) as the bridging point mostly due to sitting up and there being a child screaming the majority of the flight. Yay.

Well, I either need to wander a little looking at things and not being lost, or sleep.

01:32: Just got back from doing some night photography, which is interesting as my big lens has vibration reduction which is amazing, but it also starts much more zoomed, so I have be further back to capture it… which decreases available light.

Got a few I liked and learned a bit. Getting better at swapping lenses, though I do wish I purchased a second UV filter so I wouldn’t have to swap that over.

07:33 UTC+9: Woke up about 30 minutes ago. Realized about 10 minutes ago that I wasn’t just temporarily awake. The wireless appears quite stable now which is good. Oddly my phone will not get new email. It can open old email, but I have to actually go to to get anything (had to confirm that it is me, oh, security). Doesn’t even check the sean [at dealiemajig] address.

Working from the laptop right now, which was to make sure it could connect. Frustratingly, I’ve not yet found a grounded outlet I can use, which may be an issue if I want to keep my laptop running. Still have about 4.5 hours of run time, but…

Thunderbird gets email just fine. Whatever. Google now autoswitches to Hmm. Probably would work if I stayed signed into a google account. Of course the entire interface is in Japanese, so that makes changing settings easy. Found it.

Time to get ready I suppose. Yay daylight pictures! I can set the shutter to something faster than 5-40!

4 thoughts on “Arrival/Good Morning Seattle

  1. It’s a bit crazy to think that my friend is now half way around the world in a place, that to me, is just an answer to a SNL Celebrity Jeopardy question (“It’s an audio clue… ‘ASSSSIA.'”

    Have fun my friend, and be safe.

    • Oh good, now I have to be careful who sees this. What next, you’ll say that the UK is part of Europe? Are you trying to get me killed?

      Will do.

  2. If I do my math correctly, it should be Thursday, a little after 11 am for you. I remember from Norm’s many trips to Japan – subtract 8 hours and add a day.

    I didn’t even think about suggesting a UV filter for that $600 piece of glass; just figured you’d add that to the cart at checkout. Sorry for not asking. I am glad you like the VR; it really makes many no-tripod low light shots possible.

    Cords are cheap… find some pliers and pull out/cut off the offending ground from the plug. Just don’t use your laptop while in the bath, while plugged into the mains. Should actually be fairly well isolated – a switching power supply in your little brick should keep it safe.

    Tyson, didn’t Jon Travolta played it safe, wagering $0 on continents?

    • Yeah, I didn’t think until too late. It primarily stays on the 300mm, though if I use the DX135mm for an extended period of time I do swap it over. Just one more step in swapping lenses.

      Today with the overcast as it was, I don’t think it wasn’t critical, but I like the extra protection it offers in so far as there’s a nearly optically neutral barrier between the world and the expensive lens.

      Sadly Amazon Prime is only in the US… Just something I’ll either get at a camera shop here (I know I walked past one), or grab in August.

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