And Away We Go

Just because.
Hope I’m not forgetting anything important!

09:35 UTC-7: Arrived at my gate at Seatac. Had to ride the train and everything.

I still like how Seatac’s Security Theater is failry reasonable. Made it through TSA in about 10 minutes. Line included. No groping, no “perfectly safe for anyone” insanely dangerous focused X-ray scan. Nope, just a metal detector and the normal stupid item seperation and shoes thing.

Not looking forward to the hour long line for the one open lane and then maybe unwanted touching. Oh, LAX. I save $500, but you still make me pay.

I think for my next update, I’ll try it from my Kindle. It should work. Not well, but I’d be updating a webpage from a book.

13:13 UTC-7:
Just landed at LAX, more clouds than I would have liked over much of the flight. WordPress Dash fails to load on the Kindle, too much of something. Will need to see if there’s a simple editor plugin for WordPress, it’s just too tempting of a plan.

10 thoughts on “And Away We Go

    • So this is not the most obvous way, but it is lazy. Kindle connected to the Kindle free 3G, updated the time and bam. Here I am witing a comment becuase the editor chokes this strange book. Should get to my hostel in about an hour. Looking forward to wifi. Also taking a few layers off. This long coat may be awesome, but it gets extra warm with luggage.

      That is right. You heard me complain about being warm unrelated to weather. Not a first, but not common.

      • Long flight(s), but you’ve made it. I imagine it was/is warm, with your layers. Hope your walk to the hostel wasn’t too bad, carrying all your stuff.

        Get some rest, and good luck starting your adventure!

  1. I am freaking out this is happening to my buddy! I’m so excited this is finally happening xD Squee!

  2. Looks like I am going to be a little late for check-in. If this train tropped me off right there, I would be good. Alas there is still walking to the hostel. I is going to be a close one folks.

  3. Okay. Wireless is a problem. Neither my phome nor my laptop can resolve an IP. Less than ideal.We shall see what the local morming will bring.

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